For more than 10 years now, RECON, headquartered in Ebbs near Kufstein, has been providing mobile rooms and room modules for an extensive range of uses. The family-run company’s more than 40 qualified staff contribute their ever-growing expertise to each and every individual system unit. Manufacturing takes place at two production facilities, and a total of approximately 35,000 room and sanitary modules have been produced since the company’s founding in 2007. RECON implements modular room solutions and builds structures all over Europe.

As a full-service provider, we offer every service along the entire supply chain of modular construction. Our staff’s strong identification with each and every project, our high degree of service availability and the ongoing expansion of our expertise make us a valuable partner for our European clients.



We are a full-service provider in the field of modular construction.


We are the full-service provider in the field of modular construction, and we also operate beyond Austria’s borders. We win our clients over with our dedication, competency, service and comfort. We utilise our extensive expertise to develop suitable, intelligent and sustainable modular room solutions and to provide tailor-made services in line with our clients’ needs. We don’t want to be one of the biggest, but rather one of the best modular construction companies in Europe.


The members of the REGROUP Consortium see themselves as reliable and trustworthy partners for their clients, manufacturers, suppliers, sub-contractors and staff.

We don’t consider our work done until a project has been implemented to our client’s utmost satisfaction.

Competent consulting, well-conceived planning, perfect implementation and successful follow-up assistance of projects therefore lead to a win-win situation for everyone involved.

The members of the REGROUP Consortium foster a fair, trustworthy and co-operative relationship with their clients, suppliers and sub-contractors.

Family Friendliness

By means of flexible working-time schemes and the provision of start-up flats, we would like to make the best combination of family and career possible for our staff.

As a family-run company, that is of personal importance to us, so we actively support the initiative named Unternehmen für Familien (Companies for Families) in its endeavour to create family-friendly working space and housing in our own regional sphere of action.

In 2019, the Federal Ministry of Women, Family and Youth People awarded us the certificate "Audit berufundfamilie (audit job and family)".

Team spirit

The company’s success is based on our excellent relationship to one another and our good working environment. Respecting others and a flat hierarchy make working together easy. In addition to our staff, we also take their families into consideration. By means of flexible working-time schemes and the provision of start-up flats, we would like to make the best combination of family and career possible.

Manuel Hartmann

Manager Sales & Projects
T +43 5373 20 777 122

Christian Kather

Project Manager Modular Construction
T +49 2378 85 200 85 0

René Wurzer

T +43 5373 20 777 120

Velislava Wurzer

Manager Human Resources 
T +43 5373 20 777 124

Markus Wurzer

Sales & Projects
T +43 5373 20 777 137

Tanja Löser

Sales & Projects
T +43 5373 20 777 135

Sarah Csaszar

Sales & Projects
T +43 5373 20 777 142

Nina Duregger

Sales & Projects
T +43 5373 20 777 142

Theresa Rahberger

Sales & Projects
T +43 5373 20 777 138

Hannes Thaler

Technics / CAD
T +43 5373 20 777 130

Michaela Troger

T +43 5373 20 777 139

Annette Rauth

T +43 5373 20 777 134

Bettina Mader

T +43 5373 20 777 128

Laura Thaler

T +43 5373 20 777 127

Julia Kaltschmied

T +43 5373 20 777 126

Sabine Langebner

Invoicing & Project Support 
T +43 5373 20 777 125

Gabi Mirkova

IT / Controlling
T +43 5373 20 777 131

Juliette Köse

Invoicing / Assistant Controlling
+43 5373 20 777 144

Sebastian Brandstätter

Warehousing & Maintenance

Emil Cvetkov

Warehousing & Maintenance

Amir Besic

Warehousing & Maintenance 

Martin Walder

Team Manager Installation & Service

Michael Wurzer

Team Manager Installation & Service

Gerhard Kassebacher

Installation Coordination & Fleet Service
+43 5373 20 777 144

Stefan Ortner

Team Manager Installation & Service 
T +43 664 886 11718

Elias Karré

Installation & Service

Janko Hernah

Installation & Service

Francišek Cingl

Installation & Service

Fabian Gerlich

Installation & Service

Lukas Walder

Installation & Service

Bujar Sabani

Installation & Service

Benedikt Lanz

Installation & Service

Zeljomir Mitrovic

Installation & Service

Stefan Moser

Installation & Service

Benjamin Fasching

Installation & Service

Nurcan Baki


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