With its headquarters in Ebbs in Tyrol, RECON is specialised in modular buildings - for any location, in any size and for any use! Containers have long been a thing of the past! We’re talking about individual, modular space solutions that offer stylish character.


The intended use and our clients’ wishes determine construction and furnishings. RECON offers the full line of services, from planning to turning over a property and much, much more. According to your needs, the flexible modules can also be rented for the time that you need them. RECON will provide you with a turnkey building offering all the associated installations and extras. You will have just one contact partner: RECON will be your general contractor.

Individual and flexible

Modular construction makes contemporary, individual and above all resource-saving architecture possible. Every modular building is a unique original. Thanks to the high degree of freedom when it comes to design, RECON can integrate the structures into any urban environment. Even under difficult circumstances, the modular system construction method offers optimal solutions.

Innovative and efficient

RECON’s modular structures fulfil all the requirements posed by innovative construction. High-quality building physics and technical services ensure the utmost in energy-related standards. Short construction periods, a high degree of prefabrication and optimal processes make modular building particularly economical.

Healthy and sustainable

RECON utilises natural, environmentally sound and quality-tested construction materials. Special attention is paid to the balance between the humidity and temperature in the rooms. By doing so, an optimal indoor climate is achieved. Sustainability is no empty phrase for RECON and is therefore already an aim when choosing the materials for the basic modules. A supply of raw materials that is optimised for the relevant specifications makes a major contribution to reducing waste. The environmentally friendly manufacturing process, the possibility of sorting materials upon dismantling, potential alternative further use and sorted recycling stand for ecological values. The modular construction method is therefore more sustainable than any other construction system.

Cost-effective and reliable

The modular construction method makes precise calculations possible, so planning and cost effectiveness are two of the most decisive advantages offered by this construction method. RECON is your reliable partner that will keep an eye on the chain of processes and costs. Scenarios including  construction-related price increases and supply unreliability can therefore be eliminated.


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