As a specialist for modular construction, RECON offers the right space solution for you - built according to your specifications and ready to use. Our services range from company buildings or additionally needed office space, to residential construction projects, educational institutions like schools and kindergartens, all the way to clubhouses and temporary event areas. When it comes to modular construction, the options for your interior and exterior are practically unlimited.


Room modules for a pleasant working environment. The various uses of RECON’s room modules are just as unlimited as the possibilities posed by industrial, trading and commercial companies.

Plan your headquarters, new office building or additional administrative and storage spaces with RECON. The façade and interior design can be planned and installed without limitations. At the same time, every prerequisite relating to ventilation, indoor climate control and sound insulation can be fulfilled.



Playing, learning and teaching in modern rooms based on the modular construction method with innovative technology.


RECON offers optimal building solutions, including state-of-the-art furnishings for schools, kindergartens, university and general educational institutions. The major advantage: Modular structures offer a high degree of flexibility and therefore lots of opportunities for expansion.

Whether you require a long-term building complex or a temporary building during renovation work, RECON stands for punctual implementation and optimal project management.


Living in modular rooms offering style and aesthetics. RECON’s residential modules stand for architectural straightforwardness and high-quality interior design. Your own ideas therefore face no restrictions whatsoever. Size is a flexible variable and is only determined by the limits posed by the parcel of land. Regardless of whether you are looking for smart home technology, the integration of new energy efficiency-related standards or barrier-free living, RECON’s residential rooms are not inferior to any other kind of construction. You can choose the design and colour of the façade, windows, doors, floors, bathrooms etc. in line with your personal taste.


In the field of healthcare, certain construction-related requirements and guidelines have to be followed strictly. Thanks to our extensive experience, RECON is familiar with the regulations and creates beautiful, construction code-conform modular buildings for hospitals, care facilities and retirement homes.

Service centres

Service centres require a combination of counter rooms, security areas and offices. RECON will plan representative modular structures that are tailor-made for your specific purpose. Safe, cost-efficient and attractive.



Even if time is of the essence, RECON will be on hand with the right event modules. Ranging from event offices and technical rooms, to VIP lounges, changing rooms and speaker’s booths, all the way to sanitary and emergency-service modules, RECON is a full-service provider. Quick planning, punctual delivery and assembly and timely disassembly are nothing special to us.

Construction Sites

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